I Believe You Can Fly

Sitting up in my room listening to you pour your heart out to me, wishing I knew the right words to say to set your mind at ease. Longing to find the secret remedy to make you breathe easy, alas I am as lost as you are.

Your frustration Is starting to take its toll on you, I see it in your eyes, I hear it in your voice and can sense it in your presence.

But I believe in you!

I know it’s only a matter of time before you crawl out of your shell, release your inhibitions and re-motivate¬† yourself….before your love and passion for the ‘birds’ pushes you to steer the ‘birds’ through this turbulence.

The time is now!

The time has come for you to trust your instincts and bring you innate knowledge of the ‘seasons’ to the fore front…. to soar through the open skies and weather the ‘storms’ you were built for when clearly you are not ‘waterproof’.

Your ‘flock’ is behind you, trusting your every move and having the utmost faith in you. Following you blindly through this treacherous route never once questioning your ways and will do the same should you decide to ‘go another route’.

I believe you can fly!! Soar away!!!


The Red Coat

Laying in bed staring at the picture of you in the red coat.

The tv is on; have no idea what’s airing and the reflections are distracting me from looking at the picture of you in the red coat.

My heart is starting to race now; imagination running wild with visions of what’s under that red coat.¬†

Leaning back against the wall, staring up in the sky. Thick thighs slightly spread apart, graceful curves adorning the leather pants, red pumps just putting enough arch in your back to clearly outline the fullness of your butt.

…and the red coat. It does a wonderful job of revealing just enough of your gracious curvy body yet covering it up at the same time. The oxymoron starts to play tricks on my mind. How can something be concealing yet revealing? It must be the red coat.

My head cannot fathom the concept of the red coat. How can such an insignificant piece of clothing get me so excited? It makes no sense that a mere red coat is making blood rush to a certain part of my anatomy.

I can’t take it anymore, the red coat is driving me insane so I grab my keys, slap on some cologne and drive to see you. The drive is the longest 15 minute drive of my life but I survive the drive.

I ring your doorbell and you answer wearing the red coat. The damn red coat…

One look at you live in the red coat and I lose myself. I look you up and down long and hard, staring at you lustfully ; your short curly hair, perfectly imperfect belly, wide hips, thick thighs, full lips and glistening eyes.

Then the magic of the red coat takes over as we hug. I hold on a little longer childishly stealing a quick opportunity to run by hands quickly over your body and when I eventually try to pull away, I feel you draw me in a little closer.

I close my eyes and all I see is the red coat and I know I have got to kiss those juicy lips. I do and it’s instant magic; we lock tongues and I hear you let out a faint gasp yet loud enough to make my throb pound harder.

You grab my neck and pull me in closer pushing your hips into mine while I kiss you right back cupping your butt like my life depended on it.

We touch each other in places where the sun doesn’t shine and eventually I peel off the red coat.

…the red coat comes off and I take a moment to take in the exhilarating view of your sexy body. your eyes, your lips and your breasts. Your breathing is getting heavier now and I can clearly make out the peak through your blouse then it hits me…

The red coat is off and I come to my senses. This is the first time we are officially meeting after our first chance encounter and we already kissed and oh shit….. we never made it into the house and your neighbors are looking at us in shock.

Damn you red coat……..

Here and Now

Woke up today earlier than normal at about 5a.m with a nagging headache and the thought of having to face the stress of the job in a few hours just heightened my already bad headache. Right there and then I made up my mind I was not going to work today.

As I lay in bed, I did some self reflection on my life; encounters along the way, goals set some of which were achieved some not. I also thought about certain things I would have done differently over the years knowing what I know now; the list goes on.

An hour later I was feeling more in a rut than I was when I woke up and as a direct consequence of the reflections, my headache only got worse.

Fast forward to 7:30am I somehow convinced myself that I had to go into work as I had 3 clients I had scheduled to speak with and didn’t want to let them down. Now that I think about it, I probably went in because not meeting with them today would mean squeezing them in to my already busy weekly schedule thus increasing my already stressful workload.

The drive to work was uneventful. Got to work, had the morning huddle with my team and we opened the doors for business shortly after.

Few minutes after we open the doors, I retreat to my office and shut myself in trying to prepare for my 1st meeting when this gentleman rudely opens my door and asks if I can help him. I put on my automated smile and respond “I’ll be glad to help You”.

He proceeds to tell me what his issue was and while I’m working on getting a resolution, he starts to rant about how warm my smile is and how his spirit has taken a liking to my spirit. He made a comment about people not letting go of the past and trying to live the future now while neglecting the present. “People worry about the past too much and rush into the future that isn’t guaranteed nor is it here yet. They forget about the present. Your life is here and now; what is done is done and you can only change now. The future is not here yet”

It seemed cliche at the time but after he left, those words resonated with me and it set me thinking. Oftentimes I have had reservations about certain people and situations based on past experiences never really fully moving on or giving the ‘NOW’ a chance to manifest.

All in all, it turned out to be a mighty fine day and I am thankful for random interactions like these that add so much value to one’s life.

Stay positive and embrace your NOW!!!